100% Wool Socks!

Many people wear 100% wool socks all year. This is because the myth is that they are for winter, but really they can be worn all the time.100% Wool Socks! picture

100% wool socks are made from a material (wool) that is extremely breathable, so that they won’t cause people to sweat, or turn into those super smelly things at the end of the day. Synthetic socks are the opposite: they make you sweat, and they will absorb the sweat, and make your feet stink. The wool keeps your feet dry, and acts like an antiperspirant.

What are 100% wool socks?100% Wool Socks! picture

The fibers that create these socks have insulating properties, so they do not let the outside weather in. So if it’s hot, your feet will still be cool, and when it’s cold in the winter time, your feet will be warm.

Beware of 80% or even 90% wool socks, as these will contain synthetic fabrics, which will counteract the effects of the wool fabric.

Benefits of 100% wool socks100% Wool Socks! picture

Wool is also very comfortable, as they provide cushioning for your feet, so your feet are not sore, at the end of the day, and the cushioning can also prevent blisters.

Sweat is absorbed by the socks in a good way, so you don’t get fungal infections in your feet. Dampness is one of the main reasons fungal infections form on your feet.

Wool socks, because of the fact that they do not make your feet stink, therefore do not make your shoes stink.

When hiking in cold weather, there is no comparison between nylon or wool socks, as wool will keep your core temperature high, but nylon or synthetic socks will do the opposite, keeping you even chillier than you would normally have been.

For those of us who are not fans of washing their socks after one wearing, the good news is that wool socks can be left to air, and can be re-worn.

When you start wearing your 100% wool socks, check that your shoes don’t stink from previous wearings of synthetic socks, as that way, your new socks will not pick up the stinky smell.